Ginger Zee’s Most Extreme Sport Yet: PREGNANCY!

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Ginger Zee’s Most Extreme Sport Yet: PREGNANCY!

The big reveal happened this morning on GMA – but not before recounting just a few of Ginger’s daring escapades: scaling tall buildings, jumping out of airplanes, and surviving whitewater rapids… it seems she has now been stopped in her tracks: “I’ll do ANYTHING, but this scares me!”


While training for the biggest athletic event of my life: a Half Ironman Triathlon, I was once again reminded of how it felt to be pregnant with my first baby. I get it, Ginger—it feels daunting and overwhelming. I also asked myself, How will I ever do this?

Not to worry Ginger and Ben – we’ve got you covered… because we see “Birth and Parenting as Extreme Sports… Prepare Accordingly!” As an RN in labor & delivery, mom of two, childbirth educator, author and triathlete, I’ve drawn from each experience to assist expectant parents (28,000 grads and growing!) to prepare for birth and to care for their newborns. At the end of the day, we have only one goal: ‘Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby… however you get there.’

I know you’re both busy professionals, you have no spare time, and yet you NEED to prepare– this is exactly why we provide all expectant parents the essential and must-know information online at The Best Birth!

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