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Online Infant CPR Class – 1 hour

Safety and prevention are key for all households. Learning how to perform Infant CPR is necessary to prepare expectant parents, grandparents, relatives, nannies, and babysitters prior to the baby’s delivery and as often as needed as a refresher.

Our Infant CPR and Safety course provides hands-on practice and essential newborn safety information.


The Best Birth online Infant CPR class provides hands-on practice and essential newborn safety information:

  • In-depth introduction to CPR and choking response techniques
  • Hands-on practice with a CPR mannequin
  • Current guidelines for rescue breathing and chest compressions
  • Clearing an airway obstruction
  • Activating 9-1-1

Pierre and I worked with Sarah before the birth of our first child, and her lessons have continued to benefit us through all of our pregnancies and births. The McMoyler Method prepared us for labor and delivery, reduced our anxieties, and strengthened our connection to each other during the birth. We recommend her approach to anyone who wants to be more engaged and prepared for the wonderful journey of childbirth.

Infant CPR ClassPam & Pierre Omidyar, Founder of Ebay
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