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Online Childbirth Preparation Course

The Full Online Childbirth Course includes all four core topics:

  • Childbirth Preparation
  • Infant CPR
  • Breastfeeding,
  • Newborn Care

This is the ideal solution for busy, professional expectant parents – to learn everything they need to know before the baby arrives. The class is accessible from anywhere and on any device: computer desktop, laptop or tablet.

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When the time came to have our baby, my wife and I had to make a lot of decisions under pressure. Sarah’s help was invaluable; she had us simulate different scenarios before the birth which helped potentially confusing and overwhelming situations seem familiar. The techniques used in her programs reminded me of the ways my Olympic coaches used to prepare us for the big event

Online childbirth classesJohnny Moseley, Olympic Gold Medallist
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Sarah McMoyler, RN, BSN’s teaching style is sophisticated, fun, humorous, energetic, dramatic, and poignant. This class provides the must-knows’ – specifics for coping with labor, including epidurals as an option, breastfeeding tips, baby bath demonstration, and more…

The online class is divided into manageable sections that allow playback for individual review. The 150-page illustrated course book is included at no additional charge and can be downloaded or printed.


  • Childbirth Preparation – 3 hours
  • Infant CPR – 1 hour
  • Breastfeeding – 1 hour
  • Newborn Care and baby bath demonstration – 1 hour
  • Course Book to download and/or print
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What You’ll Learn in the Full Course

The online full course features the four core topics of childbirth preparation, infant CPR, breastfeeding, and newborn care taught by Labor & Delivery nurse, Sarah McMoyler, RN. The McMoyler Method exclusive course book PDF is included with the full course to download and print for your review. This beautifully illustrated, 175-page course book is also available for purchase.

Course Content

Childbirth Preparation – 3 hours

  • Pre-term labor warning signs
  • Physiology of the pregnant body
  • Labor terminology
  • Coping with labor pain / Partner support
  • Strategies for non-medicated labor including: breathing responses, vocalization, and labor positions
  • Medication and epidurals
  • Possible medical interventions
  • Positions for pushing
  • Working with healthcare team
  • Cesarean births

Infant CPR – 1 hour

  • In-depth introduction to CPR and choking response techniques
  • Hands-on practice with a CPR mannequin
  • Current guidelines for rescue breathing and chest compressions
  • Clearing an airway obstruction
  • Activating 9-1-1

Newborn Care Preview

Infant CPR Preview

Newborn Care & Baby Bath Demo – 1 hour

  • Crying and soothing techniques
  • Safe sleep guidelines
  • The basic drills: diapering, dressing, swaddling, bathing, trimming nails and cord care
  • Preventing postpartum depression
  • Essential baby gear
  • The physical and emotional roller coaster that all moms find themselves following the birth of the baby
  • The “Star Family” returns with their newborn for a baby bath demo
  • The class concludes with a return visit from Graduates who bring their newborn baby back to class. The “Star Family” will talk about their birth, first week home, and share some of their must-haves.
  • In addition to bathing the baby, and demonstrating the “Five S’s,” Sarah will provide inside tips for a smooth transition from hospital to home.

Breastfeeding – 1 hour

  • Realistic breastfeeding information for new moms and partners focusing on “babies thriving and mothers surviving”
  • Understanding the benefits, as well as the potential problems and remedies
  • Introduction to pumping and storing breast milk
  • Early newborn latch and positioning are practiced
  • Preventing nipple soreness
  • Burping
  • Introduction to bottles, pumping, and storing breast milk

Sarah McMoyler leads the industry in her ability to bring the basics back to birthing with a welcomed combination of accessible practicality and judgement-free advice about today’s options. I applaud her refreshingly modern commitment to the ultimate goal – healthy mom, healthy baby.

Alison Wing, CEO and Founder of Giggle
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