The Best Birth Online Childbirth, Baby Care, CPR Classes

The Best Birth provides essential online childbirth, baby care and CPR classes, helping parents have the safest, most satisfying labor and delivery and the healthiest baby possible.

Childbirth Preparation

As a Labor & Delivery nurse for over 20 years, Sarah incorporates her experience of assisting with thousands of births to provide expectant parents with options for a non-medicated birth or choosing medication and epidurals. Coping techniques, working effectively with the hospital team and partner support are key ingredients to her nationally recognized McMoyler Method™.

Infant CPR

Every new family household needs to know how to respond to emergencies. Both CPR and choking response are covered in the safety portion of the course. Includes: hands-on practice with an infant CPR mannequin, as well as additional preventative guidelines in the 150-page course book.


Breast milk is undeniably the best nutrition for newborns… although the road to successful breastfeeding can be quite challenging! Partners, be prepared to learn about newborn latching and positioning, right alongside the pregnant moms.

Baby Care

Swaddling, soothing, sleeping, bathing, burping — everything a new family household needs to know. The class ends with graduates of the class, returning with their newborn as the “Star Family.” In addition to a baby bath demonstration, the new parents talk about their delivery & life at home with baby, including: tips, favorite products, and sanity savers.

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