Summer Fun & Frolic: Things to Keep in Mind

//Summer Fun & Frolic: Things to Keep in Mind

Summer Fun & Frolic: Things to Keep in Mind


Of course we want you to have fun and frolic this summer, although you must keep the following in mind at all times:

🚸 SAFETY– Where will you be? Who will you be with? Is this a new environment? How old are the kiddos? While you’re enjoying summer fun, accidents can happen. We recommend checking out the Red Cross First Aid App— access expert advice for everyday emergencies at your fingertips (compatible with Apple and Android!)

🎩 SANITY– One parent is always on duty! To ensure that the kids are being supervised, use the “Parent Patrol” method: one parent wears a fun hat, and is in charge of overseeing the kids for 15-30 minute increments, then the hat is passed to the next parent for their shift… especially around water! (In case this isn’t obvious: the Parent Patrol should remain off their phone.)

🌞 SUN– Chances are you will be outside for some or most of the day. Prepare to prevent too much sun:

  • Babies need to be in the shade (if under 6 months: sunscreen is not recommended)
  • Young children must have sunblock and/or sun protective clothing
  • Hats on, this goes for everyone!
  • Hydration: everyone, tall and small, needs to stay hydrated!


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