The Online Class includes 4 topics: childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, newborn care & infant CPR! Moms - YOU need this class. Partners - you will LOVE this class. Both partners will be engaged and entertained while learning about the essentials of childbirth and newborn care. Interactive, entertaining and engaging… Sarah’s teaching style is sophisticated, fun, humorous, energetic, dramatic, and poignant. This class provides the ‘must knows’ – specifics for coping with labor, including epidurals as an option, breastfeeding tips, baby bath demonstration, and more….

Buy the Online Class – a $400* value for less than $100
* Cost of attending the class live in person


  • Childbirth Preparation – 3 hours
  • Infant CPR – 1 hour
  • Breastfeeding – 1 hour
  • Newborn Care and baby bath demonstration – 1 hour
  • Course Book to download and/or print



Partners - do you have any idea how necessary you are to successful breastfeeding?

This practical section of the class provides hands-on practice for moms and partners. The basics are covered, including: newborn latching, preventing soreness, what lactation consultants do and when to call for help.



The Newborn Care section includes: partners learning how to burp the baby, soothing techniques, Safe Sleep guidelines, and swaddling (hilarious partner demo.) Don’t miss the baby peeing during the baby bath demonstration, followed by an in-depth discussion with the new parents about life as a new family!



Safety and prevention are key for all households. The Infant CPR and Safety section of the Online class provides essential information and hands-on practice for parents, grandparents, relatives, nannies and babysitters. It is best viewed by expectant parents prior to delivery and later, as often as needed as a refresher. It provides life-saving skills that everyone should know!