Bleeding – What’s Normal?

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Bleeding – What’s Normal?

Scary to look down at your panties, or the toilet tissue after you pee to see bright red bleeding! Is this normal or a problem? Here are some tips to help distinguish between the two:

  • Vaginal Exam: can cause spotting due to the sensitive nature of the cervix as you approach your due date: NORMAL
  • Sexual Intercourse: definitely can cause some spotting afterwards, due to the “boom-boom” effect (penis contacting sensitive cervix, can result in spotting.) NORMAL
  • Vaginal Discharge: Thicker, mucousey brownish- pinkish discharge is usually okay- particularly when there are no symptoms of discomfort.
  • Bleeding: During pregnancy, bright red, steady or heavy bleeding is a potential emergency and needs immediate follow-up. (In contrast to active labor, when there will be small amounts of bleeding as the cervix dilates.)

If there is any concern of any kind related to the pregnancy- better to be safe than sorry- contact your health care professional or labor and delivery directly.

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