Bottoms, Breasts and Babies…Oh My!

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Bottoms, Breasts and Babies…Oh My!

Bottoms Cabbage leaves to relieve engorged breasts

Last night’s SF childbirth class was packed with lovely, socially graceful pregnant women who are in denial about the physical aftermath awaiting them…they thought pregnancy took it’s toll – my response is: “hang on for postpartum!”

Expectant moms are typically so focused on the birth, that they don’t stop to consider the rest of the story. All new families should be prepared for some degree of discomfort as the body heals from delivery and adjusts to caring for a newborn.

The only good news is that postpartum is a temporary state that can include:

  • Hemorrhoids, “skid marks” and/or an incision or tear in the perineum
  • Swollen, sore breasts, twice their normal size; cracked and bleeding nipples
  • Fussiness or babies who will not wake to feed – both baffling and frustrating

Images courtesy of Classic Kids Photography and Nurse Myra blog

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