Birth Day

//Birth Day

Birth Day

Hi Sarah,

My due date was last Wednesday, September 1, and I woke up early that morning at 5:30 am, with contractions. It took awhile before I believed they were the real thing. I lay awake staring at my alarm clock and timing them until 7, then woke my husband and said, “I don’t want you to get too excited, but I think I’m in labor.”

When I tell people now that I was in labor for almost 27 hours, they get a horrified look on their face. But really, it sounds much worse than it was. I was very nervous about managing the pain, and as it turns out, the anticipation was much worse than the actual experience. 

Once you’re in labor, you’re just so focused and determined to bring this baby into the world that nothing else matters. We are so incredibly glad that we took your classes. The birth class made us feel prepared for anything that might happen during labor and delivery (although the whole elbow-on-the-baby’s-ass thing was a surprise!), and the newborn class made us feel confident to bring Lucette home. 

She will be one week old tomorrow and all three of us are doing amazingly well. Sometimes I just sit and hold her and stare in disbelief that this perfect little person is really, finally here.

Thanks for what you do. I think Bruce felt really confident to be my labor partner because of your class, and he was absolutely amazing. I remember actually just being so in love with him during the whole process, because he was helping me so much. I couldn’t have done it without him.

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