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A miscarriage is the “spontaneous loss” of a pregnancy prior to 20 weeks. Statistically there are 2500 miscarriages per day in this country. Physicians and office staff often feel awkward and at a loss for words when it is discovered that “there is no heartbeat” during a routine OB visit. Unfortunately it is too often minimized, not only by healthcare providers, but by society at large-that includes friends and family. Ask most women who have experienced a miscarriage how they responded, you will often hear: “it was the saddest day of my life” or “I felt so alone” “No one understood how devastating it was.” I speak from personal experience- a life that held promise and hope and joy is gone; never mind that it is an “early loss.” For her it is a life that did not go on. What helps is an “I’m so sorry,” or a bouquet of flowers or a short note…avoiding the subject or “sparing her feelings” is not helpful at all.

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