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New Dad Appreciation

Hi Sarah!
We just wanted to thank you again for your class… what we learned was (and still is) very helpful! Hard to pinpoint all the “best parts,” but a few things that we were very thankful to have some perspective on in advance:

1. The labor breathing techniques. Again, due to Cathy’s situation, we were both somewhat expecting (perhaps me more than her) to have a C- section with no labor at all. When her OB allowed her to labor, we were obviously glad we’d paid attention to that part of the class!
Cathy specifically said the “primal, guttural, breathing” techniques were exactly what she needed at the time.

2. The partner’s/father’s role in the whole process. I really felt like we did this together from start to finish. I expected to feel like I was helping her do it versus us doing it together. Certainly easy for me to say considering I was in zero pain (haha)… but surprisingly, Cathy does agree. Very cool experience for us both.

3. Breastfeeding. Cathy learned a lot that was very helpful… including, of course, that every nurse will have a different opinion and you just need to find what works. She’s had some challenges since then and has consulted many other books and a couple of appointments with a lactation consultant at Newborn Connections.

Many other parts were great, of course too… just wanted to name a few. Again, many thanks for your help! This is truly an awesome experience and we are loving every minute of it (well, maybe not ALL of the crying minutes but we’re doing our best to keep those to a minimum… and he’s still cute then too!).

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