Pushing Successfully

Pushing Successfully

Partner- needs to continue providing reassurance and encouragement, sips of water, and reminding to release and let go completely in between pushes

Position- assuming a pelvic tilt type position, wrapping yourself around your own body, pulling the legs in will help move the baby downward

Pelvis- opening the legs as wide as possible, allows the inner groin tendons to stretch, assisting the pelvis to further expand

Poop- when the baby gets low in the birth canal, pressure is put on the rectum- poop happens! The most common instruction given while pushing is: “push like you are constipated.” This is the effort that moves babies downward

Perineum-prevent tearing or the need for an episiotomy by asking your nurses to apply warm compresses and/or to massage the perineum; both will increase the blood flow, hence increasing elasticity of the tissues surrounding the outside of the vagina

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