Silent Birth…Are you kidding me?

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Silent Birth…Are you kidding me?

First, let me say congratulations to Kelly Preston and John Travolta who welcomed their son, baby Benjamin into the world on Tuesday, November 24th.

What the world is still waiting to hear however is whether they were able to accomplish their goal of a “silent birth.” Come on now- really…were they serious?! Last time I checked, the human response to pain evoked some kind of audible sound! Personally, I recommend deep, guttural moaning over screaming…still wondering what Kelly did in response to her contractions.

Evidently, it is their long-standing practice of Scientology that dictates this notion of silent birth. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology tried to clarify: “Silent birth is a belief that no one should speak to the mother…absolute silence must be maintained during the birth.” Scientology believes that words uttered in these special times are the cause of later nightmares, fear and upset… hmmmm.

I at least was comforted to learn that non-verbal support, like massage is okay and that epidurals and cesareans are also permitted. NO WORDS though… curious.

How about you? Any silent births out there???

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