Babies in Car’s

//Babies in Car’s

Babies in Car’s

In the news today: another attempt to raise awareness about how easy it is to “forget” that there is a baby strapped in a car seat. The most common scenario is a sleep deprived, overwhelmed parent who may have had a change in routine or simply too much on their mind-they exit the car, in a hurry to get to work and simply forget that there is an innocent passenger asleep in the back seat of the car. On an 80-degree day, it takes less than 15 minutes for a car to become an oven…

While car manufacturers are actively working on systems to detect breathing or a weight sensor in the car seat, that would activate an alarm if a baby were left behind, there is agreement across the board that education not technology is the key to preventing these tragedies from occurring.

For further information: www.nhtsa.gov www.kidsincars.org www.kidsandcars.org www.thebestbirth.com

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