World Breastfeeding Week

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World Breastfeeding Week

This week the world at large has been focused on Breastfeeding. From walkathons to supermodels voicing their support- the concept that breast is best has been celebrated. While there is no disputing the fact that breast milk is the most nutritious form of food for babies, we as a society need to strike a balance between advocating and supporting the effort versus cramming it down new mother’s throats-which can backfire into an emotional meltdown- creating guilt and even leading to post-partum depression.
On a lighter note, the “Whip ‘em out” campaign, started by celebrity mother’s, demonstrates support of breastfeeding by de-sexualizing new mothers’ bodies in such a way that breastfeeding becomes less stigmatized.
The main point is that breast milk can be a lifesaver – providing a critical first step in a newborns’ health. It’s what World Breastfeeding Week 2010 is all about this year – increasing awareness and education in our medical facilities to provide support to new families striving to do the best for their babies.


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