Bethenny’s Reality TV Baby

//Bethenny’s Reality TV Baby

Bethenny’s Reality TV Baby

I have actually not been a follower of the NYC Housewives. However, enough of you asked me what I thought about Bethenny’s labor and delivery that I quickly caught up via On Demand. I have now watched her whirlwind wedding with the cute gay wedding planner and ultimately her water breaking in bed and eventual cesarean birth. I am happy for her…after calling off three engagements; she seems to finally have found love in her life with her new handsome husband Jason. With the arrival of Baby Bryn, came true emotion, from Jason crying in the cab on the way home from the hospital, to Bethenny falling apart as she prepares for her first overnight business trip away from the baby. They are the epitome of assisted living: which includes her personal assistant, admin assistant and live in Jamaican baby nurse. They look and feel like an extended family- including all of them going away together on holiday to the Hamptons.

Bethenny is wearing motherhood well, it becomes her, We are seeing a softer, gentler side, while she continues to be quite funny as she pokes fun at herself and most everyone around her. Humor is a very good commodity in all new family households…Congratulations Bethenny- you’re doing a great job!


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